Citrix Summit 2020

Citrix Summit 2020

Citrix Summit 2020 is now live for anyone to register and participate remotely. The following Citrix Summit sessions are available: The new world of work David Henshall President and Chief Executive Officer, Citrix Citrix CEO David Henshall sets the stage for what you’ll discover in our Citrix Summit Series. Learn how to […]

Azure app migration options

Application cloud migration options

Introduction It is a common theme in various Cloud migration projects to migrate a number of on-premise apps to a public or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Depending on the application development framework and the dependencies which the application has to run efficiently (e.g. runtime frameworks, database and file storage requirements, user […]

Azure LightHouse

Using Azure Lighthouse for cross-tenant and multi-tenant management

What is Azure Lighthouse? Azure Lighthouse enables cross- and multi-tenant management, allowing for higher automation, scalability, and enhanced governance across resources and tenants. With Azure Lighthouse, service providers can deliver managed services using comprehensive and robust management tooling built into the Azure platform. This offering can also benefit enterprise IT […]

New research collaboration will accelerate the path to a commercial-scale quantum computer

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced today the creation of several multidisciplinary Quantum Information Science Research Centers in support of the National Quantum Initiative. Today marks one of the U.S. government’s largest investments in this field. It is also a noteworthy moment for Microsoft, which is providing scientific leadership, […]