Cannot open pdf files in Mozilla Firefox

Case You cannot open pdf files in Mozilla Firefox. When trying to open and view a pdf file inside the browser, the file is saved to your local disk as .pdf file by default. After installing Adobe Reader DC or previous version to your Windows operating system, you realize that […]

The Microsoft Inside Track

The Microsoft Inside Track

Introduction When implementing IT solutions which are complex and require proper in-depth planning, it is crucial to perform technical assessments and creating an inventory of the “as-is” situation as well as assess the organization’s operational and business requirements alongside the technical requirements. Implementing an IT solution, especially when this involves […]

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 pre-migration checklist

Introduction When planning to migrate an organization with existing on-premises infrastructure to the Microsoft 365 Cloud, you need to create a thorough plan before the migration. This article discusses a Microsoft 365 pre-migration checklist which is provided as a template by Microsoft. Microsoft 365 pre-migration checklist Carry out the following […]

Cluster Shared Volumes root directory ‘C:\ClusterStorage’ already exists

Case When placing a Hyper-V cluster node in drain mode and then bringing the node back online (re-join), you may come across the following warning message: Cluster Shared Volumes root directory ‘C:\ClusterStorage’ already exists. The directory ‘C:\ClusterStorage’ was renamed to ‘C:\ClusterStorage.000’. Please verify that applications accessing data in this location […]

How to update server drivers and firmware

Case You need to update server drivers and firmware on your hardware server. Additional software utilities may be available for installation and update. This post provides high-level guidance on how to update server drivers and firmware. Solution A default operating system installation on a hardware server does not include any […]

Microsoft Graph API

Azure AD Graph retirement date

Microsoft had announced that on 30 June 2022, they would retire Azure AD Graph. The Azure AD Graph retirement date has now changed. On April 7th 2022, Microsoft published the following update about Azure AD Graph retirement date: Before that date, you’ll need to update your apps that use […]

How to troubleshoot Acronis Cyber Protect issues

Case You are running a backup or restore operation in Acronis Cyber Backup or Acronis Cyber Protect and you encounter an error message, which causes the backup or restore operation to fail. You may also run into Acronis errors or warnings while installing, uninstalling or upgrading an Acronis Cyber Protect […]

How to backup KVM virtual machines

Case You have a KVM-based virtualization solution and you need to create a backup and restore plan for your KVM virtual machines. This article provides high level guidance on how to backup KVM virtual machines. Solution Option 1: Use bash scripts and out-of-the-box KVM features KVM provides out-of-the-box shell commands […]

How to troubleshoot Hyper-V cluster issues

Case You need to check the operational health of a Hyper-V server or Hyper-V cluster. You need to perform a technical audit of the Hyper-V operations to determine the root cause of slow performance issues or cluster errors. This article provides high-level guidance on how to troubleshoot Hyper-V cluster issues. […]

The requested session access is denied

Case You try to RDP to a remote server and receive the message “The requested session access is denied”. Afterwards the RDP session is closed. Solution Carry out the steps below to resolve the issue: Check the target server’s event logs for any clear signs of the error root cause. […]