Azure AD Graph retirement date

Microsoft had announced that on 30 June 2022, they would retire Azure AD Graph. The Azure AD Graph retirement date has now changed. On April 7th 2022, Microsoft published the following update about Azure AD Graph retirement date: Before that date, you’ll need to update your apps that use it to instead use Microsoft Graph, which provides all of the functionality of Azure AD Graph plus new features, including:

  • A single endpoint for APIs from Azure AD and other services, such as Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and Intune.
  • Built-in support for retry handling, secure redirects, transparent authentication, and payload compression.

The required action to avoid service disruptions, is to identify your apps which use Azure AD Graph and update them. You can find an overview of the new Microsoft Graph API at and utilize the Microsoft Graph Explorer to test Graph API calls.

Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Graph data connect, and Microsoft Graph connectors enable extending Microsoft 365 experiences and building intelligent apps.

You can find further guidance on migrating your existing apps which utilize the (now legacy) Azure AD Graph APIs in the following articles: