Citrix Receiver transforms your smartphone into a Cloud PC

Citrix Receiver transforms your smartphone into a Cloud PC

Using a smartphone as a PC is not a new concept. Back in 2009, Citrix released the first mobile Receiver on Windows CE, which enabled working with your business applications on mobile devices. With the evolution of computer technology, today the smartphone is becoming a much more powerful computing platform than 8 years before; the boundaries become blurred between a thin client PC and phone. Technology is pushing the smartphone to play an even more important role in the cloud era.

The joint solution from Samsung and Citrix is one of the best solutions in the market, which can easily turn your mobile phone into a desktop computer.









With Receiver for Android installed in the Samsung DeX-powered smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8, you can easily continue your business work wherever and whenever you are.











We are waiting to see more functionality being added to Citrix Receiver for iOS and Android in the immediate future. The remainder of this Citrix article can be found at:

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