Citrix Receiver

A tedious but important task for any Citrix admin is to keep track of their customer’s Citrix Receiver client versions. You can grab the latest CR version from and for all supported devices. The latest LTSR version can be found at .

You can make use of Citrix Receiver Group Policy scripts for automatic mass deployment/upgrades in an Active Directory domain.

Always test before deploying in production, The known issues and fixed issues for each version of Citrix Receiver must always be checked thoroughly in the release notes section of Citrix Docs.

An exciting new feature is the auto-update feature in version 4.9. New Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.9 (LTSR) includes the Citrix Receiver updates capability, which enables updating it directly from Citrix, instead of manually downloading and installing it.

You can update to the new Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.9 (LTSR) automatically if you have installed Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.8 on your device, which has the capability to check for updates. In addition to the Citrix Receiver, you can get automatic updates to Real Time Media Engine for Skype for business (RTME) on your device, so now you can always be on the latest and greatest version of Citrix Receiver and RTME!

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