Citrix Security Bulletin Alert

Citrix Security Bulletin Alert 11 June 2020

Citrix released today (11th June 2020) a security bulletin alert regarding a discovered software vulnerability in the Citrix Workspace App client:

A new version of Citrix Workspace app client for Windows has been released. Citrix strongly recommends that all customers upgrade Citrix Workspace app to the latest version via Auto Update, or by directly running the downloadable installer. The new Citrix Workspace app version is available from the following Citrix website location: .

Update method 1: Firstly, disconnect your Citrix session. Right-click on the blue circle icon of Citrix Workspace app at the system notification area of Windows (lower right hand corner). Then click on “Check for Updates”. If you don’t already have the  latest version, follow the onscreen instructions for downloading and installing the latest version of the client.

Update method 2: Firstly, disconnect your Citrix session. Download the latest Citrix Workspace App client version for your operating system from Double click the downloaded installer file and follow the on-screen instructions with default options, in order to carry out the client update.

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