Citrix Supportability Pack

Citrix Supportability Pack


The Supportability Pack is a collection of popular tools written by Citrix engineers to help diagnose and troubleshoot XenDesktop/XenApp products. The tools are cataloged by features and components to make it easier to find and use. Early versions of the Pack serves as a launch pad for efforts to raise awareness, improve accessibility, and promote use of internal troubleshooting tools. In subsequent updates of this pack the spotlight will shift to creation of new tools based on prevalent customer scenarios and your feedback.
Note: The tools in this pack are not intended to replace system administration features that XenDesktop/XenApp provides for day-to-day system management. This collection of tools are specialized utilities for advanced troubleshooting in very specific areas.

Revision History

  • v1.2.1
    • Updated the following tools in the Pack to their latest version: Port Check Utility, Receiver Diagnostics Tool, Receiver Cleanup Utility, Scout and UPS Print Driver Certification Tool.
  • v1.2
  • v1.1.5 – CDF Control tool is updated to the latest version.
  • v1.1.4 – Scout tool is updated to the latest version.
  • v1.1.3 – All individual zip files in the download package have been unzipped, plus some minor revision of tools.


  1. All the tools are intended for the Microsoft Windows platform.
  2. Specific pre-requisites will vary from tool to tool. The included README contains links to the documentation (CTX article) for each tool where you can learn about tool-specific requirements.
  3. You will need Web access to lookup tool-specific Support documentation (CTX article) even though the tools are downloaded and saved in a local folder.

Installing Supportability Pack

1. If you have an older version of Supportability Pack on your system, e.g. v1.1.x, we recommend you completely remove the existing Supportability Pack including all tools and files, before downloading the new v1.2.x version. Since v1.2.x provides a new Updater utility, you can use it to keep all tools up to date in the future.

2. Unzip the Supportability Pack v1.2.x zip package into a local folder of your choice.

3. Open the README.HTML file with any web browser and begin exploring the tools catalog.

4. Each tool is in its individual folder inside the local directory Tools.

5. The Updater SupportabilityPackUpdater.exe is in the same directory as README.HTML. Use “SupportabilityPackUpdater.exe /help” to get more info about how to use it.


How to Use the Supportability Pack

The Pack can be extracted to local drive, portable drive, USB stick, etc. Once the Pack is extracted please open the README.html in any browser to begin exploring the catalog. You can review the entire set of tools or see a filtered list based on feature or component. All the listed tools are placed into the local folder Tools with its own individual subfolder. The README.html also contains URL links to the Support documentation (CTX article) for each tool where you can learn more about them.

If needed, you can directly access a tool by going into its individual subfolder. However, we don’t recommend moving or renaming the tools and related files and folders.

Security Permissions Required by Supportability Pack

You will need to appropriate privileges to download and unzip the Supportability Pack to a local folder. Please see documentation (CTX article) for each tool for any tool-specific Security permissions.

Data Modified by Supportability Pack

No data is modified when unzipping the Supportability Pack. Once unzipped the Supportability Pack will write a number of HTML documentation files along with a zip files of all the tools in the TOOLS folder. No other system changes are made.

Uninstalling Supportability Pack

The Supportability Pack can be removed by deleting the local folder where it was extracted.  Additional steps may be necessary to uninstall some tools based on their specific requirements.  Please refer to the relevant Support documentation (CTX article) for the specific tool to learn more.


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