Citrix troubleshooting tools: Top 10

Tools are used for:

1) Data Collection / Tracing

2) Upload data to support team in an industry standard format (Citrix Insight Services – CIS)

3) Data analysis and review

Check for more details.


Top 10 tools are:

1. MedEvac (for XenApp farm health check)

2. Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit (CDT)

3. XenDesktop Site Checker for XenDesktop 5.x sites (advanced management tasks not available in Desktop Studio)

4. HDX Monitor (a read-only tool for both XenApp and XenDesktop, HDX new term for ICA protocol) – For XenApp 6.5 or greater and XenDesktop 5.5 or greater.

5. Print Detective (issues related to print drivers, read/write tool, has command line interface)

6. Citrix Scout tracing tool for creating a CDF trace (File and printer sharing and WinRM must be enabled on all audited machines. For XenApp and XenDesktop, Part of Citrix Tools as a Service – TaaS data collection support service). Can be found at –> After data is uploaded to , then by logging into the website using a MyCitrix login, a full pdf report can be downloaded.

7. Citrix XDPing (command-line tool, troubleshooting registration issues in a XenDesktop environment, available as separate KB article download)

8. CDFControl  (tool for CDF tracing, based on various tracing modules)

9. Repair Clipboard Chain (

10. Citrix Quick Launch (Connect over ICA/HDX to a XenApp server, without relying on Web Interface, PNAAgent or Storefront. Supports all XenApp versions and XenDesktop 5.x versions. Requires Citrix ICA client 9.0 at a minimum, Citrix ICA client IS required) – Citrix Quick Launch currently does not work with Excalibur, will be updated soon to be compatible.

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