Cloud architecture diagram software

Microsoft Visio is one of the leading software packages for data center diagram design. A Visio stencil is a collection of masters associated with a particular Microsoft Visio drawing type, or template. By default, stencils that open with a template are docked on the left side of the drawing window. You can open stencil (.vss) files independently of a template. Basically, a Stencil contains Shapes that are used to create a diagram.  The Shapes can range from simple flow chart boxes or lines to more complicated Shapes like Servers, Racks or anything else that needs to be represented in a graphical form.

A list of all freely available Visio stencils can be found at:

Besides Microsoft Visio, the following free software is available for data center diagram design:

  2. Edraw Max:
  3. Visual Paradigm Online:

Azure cloud architecture diagrams can be found at:

There are Azure stencils available in Visio as well as in for all Azure architecture diagram types. The official Microsoft Azure architecture icons are available at: The following screenshot shows the available Azure stencils available out-of-the-box in Microsoft Visio 2021. Under Visio “Shapes” navigate to “More Shapes” and choose “Network”.

Similar architecture icons and Visio stencils from Microsoft can be found for the following services:

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