Cloud digital credential systems


Claiming and publishing your cloud and IT certificates and badges to partners, colleagues and potential employers is key in establishing just the right rapport and in establishing credibility as a Cloud professional. Hopefully there are various online cloud digital credential systems which allow you to effectively request, issue, publish and manage your cloud certificates and badges with ease.

Most cloud certificate management systems can serve both the certificate or badge issuing authority, e.g. cloud computing vendor or training provider organization, as well as the students who receive the certificates and badges. A category of cloud digital credential systems is the category of digital badge management systems which cover other aspects of digital identities in the e-learning landscape.

Issuing e-learning badges should be part of a broader initiative to motivate learners by providing easily shareable digital credentials with which to prove the learner's participation and engagement in an online learning event. This could be a full training course comprising multiple learning modules and units or it could be a single class or online webinar. Providing learners with digital certificates and badges can also be well combined with e-learning community and gamification features. An overview of e-learning and community and gamification features will be provided in a separate blog post.

More about digital credentials and digital badges can be found at Wikipedia. Unesco has recognized the potential of cloud digital credential systems as a cross-border mechanism for validating cloud computing knowledge in the years to come.

Cloud digital badge platforms

This section provides an overview of the most noteworthy cloud certification badge platforms.

  • IBM learning credential network. Based on Blockchain technology, the IBM learning credential network offers a stable and trusted credential management system for medium and large organizations and enterprises.
  • CertMetrics. One of the leaders in digital credentials management.
  • Accredible. This is one of the leading platforms for digital credentials management for e-learning, addressing primarily large enterprises and organizations.
  • BadgeCert. Another interesting approach to digital e-learning badge management, featuring a number of online learning organizations as their case studies.
  • Open Badge Factory. Open Badge Factory is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-efficient online platform that large and small organisations around the world use to create, issue and manage their Open Badges.
  • Badgr. This service is an e-learning credentials management and badge management system allowing both trainers and learners to manage cloud learning badges.
  • This is an end-to-end platform for creating and managing your own badge infrastructure.
  • SimpleCert. SimpleCert is a complete and easy to use Certificate Management System. Build personalized certificate and email templates by adding your own images and text. Upload your list of names and other data that is unique to each certificate and email. Send emails to your recipients with links to download their certificates.
  • Sertifier. Sertifier is a digital credential management software that helps institutions, academies, universities and schools to send digital certificates and badges at ease.
  • Other software and hardware vendors may offer their own unique digital credentials platform, either within our outside of the aforementiond credential management systems.