eG Innovations for Citrix monitoring

eG Innovations for Citrix monitoring

Poor performance and slowdowns of Citrix XenApp are business impacting. Used to monitor some of the largest Citrix deployments in the world, the eG Citrix XenApp Monitor simplifies the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of performance problems that impact the user experience. Beyond just a Citrix monitoring tool, eG Enterprise elevates your Citrix software implementation with immediate, actionable performance answers.

You no longer have to guess why users complain that “Citrix is slow”. By monitoring, analyzing and correlating metrics across every layer, every tier of the Citrix service infrastructure, you can prove “It’s Not Citrix” that is always the cause of a problem.

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Citrix XenApp is one of the most performance sensitive applications in the enterprise. Poor performance results in screen freezes, slow logins, slow application launches, keystroke lags, session disconnects, etc. Citrix slowness affects user productivity and has a significant business impact. Since a Citrix XenApp farm supports hundreds of users, a slowdown impacts all the users. Identifying the exact cause of a Citrix XenApp performance issue is a challenge because there are many different tiers with inter-dependencies between them. Furthermore, any of the tiers can be hosted on virtual machines. Therefore a problem in one tier can impact all the other tiers.

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