FsLogix logging and tracing

This article provides an overview of FsLogix logging and tracing. In a separate article, the FsLogix registry configuration options are presented.

FsLogix logging

The various components of the FSLogix create comprehensive logs. Examination of log files is the first place to look when diagnosing system behavior.

At the top of each log file, the system records basic information including versions of the FSLogix agent components. Each operation performed by FSLogix components will create a section that contains all of the relevant log entries for that operation. At the beginning of each day, a new log file is created. The daily log files are kept for seven days by default. Log files older than this period are deleted.

The default path for the log files can be changed. For example, it may be useful to redirect the log files to a network share when using non-persistent machines. For each log entry, an entry of zero indicates success. When looking for problems, scan for non-zero entries.

##Initial state

A new install (or an install after an uninstall) will set the default level of logging. A new install will also clear previous logging settings and return to defaults. An upgrade install will leave all logging settings as they exist before the upgrade install.

For details on FsLogix logging settings, log files and relevant configuration, review the following Microsoft Docs article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/fslogix/logging-diagnostics-reference

FsLogix tracing and support tickets

The FsLogix support tool is available at https://aka.ms/fslogix_support_tool. The support tool gathers logs and configuration information and zips it up in C:\ProgramData\FSLogix\Support. Please run the support tool on a machine where you have experienced this issue and attach the .zip to your case. If the issue only occurs for certain users or at a particular time please let us know a user and approximate time when this happened so we know where to look in the logs.

Instructions on how to open FsLogix support ticket are available at: