gartner digital markets

Gartner Digital Markets


By acquiring Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice, Gartner equip the millions of buyers who visit these sites every month with the unbiased information they need to make great purchasing decisions. These platforms provide every vendor — whether they pay us or not — a way to connect with that buying audience.

Gartner Digital Market products

The following products are included in the Gartner Digital Markets product portfolio:

  • Capterra supports business buyers who seek to help their organization grow but have limited time to become technology experts. Capterra provides visitors with a comprehensive view of the software market to quickly assess the solutions that are best suited for their personalized needs.
  • GetApp supports software-savvy buyers who understand the importance of technology to grow their business. GetApp provides a proprietary recommendation engine that leverages a robust combination of user insights and deep technical knowledge to suggest the right software choice.
  • Software Advice serves technology and services buyers who need advice with a personalized approach. Software Advice provides a guided experience for technology selection and usage to assess individual needs and connect the buyer with the best solution.


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