Microsoft Azure Cloud Design Insiders

What is the Azure Cloud Design Insiders group?

The Microsoft Azure Cloud Design Insiders community is a community of Azure enthusiasts. In the capacity of an Azure Cloud Design Insider, you will be asked to provide feedback via surveys, forums and interviews on a voluntary basis. You will receive previews of early Azure designs and features and have the change to personally influences Microsoft Cloud features and products.

Visit the Cloud Design Insiders website and take part in a 3-minute survey in order to apply for becoming an Insider:

After you complete the survey you must review and agree to the research participation agreement and privacy policy. These documents provide details about confidentiality requirements of each Insider’s voluntary participation and how personal information may be used. When you complete the registration process you will be granted access to the Cloud Design Insiders web portal, where you will be invited to participate in Research Projects and have access to associated materials. Throughout the website, Microsoft provides you with access to a variety of resources, which may include upload and download areas, communication forums and information.

After providing your email and signing up you will lastly need to confirm your email and you should be able to logon to the Cloud Design Insiders portal. The portal is available at: .

This article provided an overview of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Design Insiders group.