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Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. An overview of the MCT program is provided at:

Requirements for MCT initial registration and renewal

The MCT program is for educators around the world who actively deliver training on Microsoft technologies. You need to possess a qualifying Microsoft certification and prove your training experience, either by a letter of recommendation or by passing a "train the trainer" exam, such as CompTIA Certified Trainer (CTT+).

MCT registration procedure

Follow the steps below to register as a new Microsoft Certified Trainer.

  • Ensure you have your "train the trainer" exam score report at hand. For example you may have achieved the Comptia Certified Trainer (CTT+) certification.
  • The online application is available in the MCT enrollment tool. You’ll log in to the MCT enrollment tool with your personal Microsoft account associated with your Microsoft Certification ID (MCID). You need to fill-in your profile details, MTM ID, your train the trainer exam report (e.g. CompTIA CTT+) and click Next.
You must accept the MCT program guide and the MCT program agreement and click Submit.

After clicking Submit you will receive confirmation that Microsoft will be reviewing your proof of instructional skills in order to proceed with the last step which is your payment of the annual MCT fee.

MCT program benefits

You will get exclusive benefits as an MCT including access to the complete library of official Microsoft training and certification products, substantial discounts on exams, books, and Microsoft products. In addition, you will be able to use Microsoft readiness resources to help you enhance your training career and engage with other MCT members in an online community forum. You will also receive invitations to exclusive Microsoft and local MCT community events.

By connecting your MCT status with a company or individual, that company or individual will have the following benefits:

  1. Can promote and organize official Microsoft training courses, either on-site or online via Teams, covering all eligible training courses.
  2. There is a 50% or 75% discount in all Microsoft certification exams, books and preparation materials.
  3. Access is provided to all Microsoft official courseware, see details in the following resource.

MCT status has an annual renewal fee (see, there is an one-off annual fee for the first year and an annual renewal fee after the first year has passed. Other useful resources which provide further information about the MCT program terms are the following:

MCT courseware

The following courseware is available for download by MCTs:

  1. Courseware Marketplace. To get access to Courseware Marketplace, contact your Regional Service Center. For assistance with downloading content from the Courseware Marketplace, please contact the Courseware Marketplace Support. The courseware marketplace content is available via the Skillpipe reader which you can find at: .
  2. Learning Download Center. Trainer files can only be downloaded through Learning Download Center (LDC) with the use of Learning Download Manager (LDM) tool. If you run into any issues, log in to and click on the FAQ button. Then click the link to “enable browser download experience” under “How to enable the browser download experience?”.
  3. One-time Azure Passes for training preparation of specific course (in the form of vouchers which are redeemed on a per-course basis). You can activate these Azure passes at:
  4. Other benefits via as part of the MCT Developer Software and Services entitlement. These include a monthly Azure subscription pass of 150 USD and various software license keys for software to be used in your MCT lab.

MCT virtual labs

As an MCT, you should receive free access to Microsoft Labs to support trainer readiness. This benefit is not to be used in the classroom or for any other purposes other than trainer readiness. There are other various IT virtual lab services available online. One notable example is Skillable. Skillable offers free Microsoft virtual labs to MCTs, as per the following offer.

MCT training courses

Any Microsoft exam-oriented course can be tought by an MCT. You can review the Microsoft certification poster for an overview of all available Microsoft role-based certification exams.

However the following Microsoft courses will offer you valid credits based on MTM, which will count for your MCT annual membership:

Sharing your MCT status

Remember to accept your MCT Credly badge and use it to provide your credentials to your trainees.