Microsoft Community Training Azure app


Microsoft Community Training is an Azure powered platform to enable organizations to run community training programs. The platform supports personalized learning for a large-scale mobile-based community. It is affordable, easy to manage and provides robust security and privacy protection.

  • Learning made easy
    Clean and visual interfaces provide an intuitive and engaging learning experience for learners of all backgrounds.
  • Anytime, anywhere learning
    Supports learning in low bandwidth networks and even offline. Learners can access courses anytime, anywhere from their choice of device.
  • Enable your grassroots
    User management and monitoring tools for your managers, ground staff and facilitators to reach out to your distributed communities and drive adoption and engagement of your learning programs.
  • Make it your own
    Personalize the look and feel of your learning portal. Configure content and users as per your needs. Integrate with your existing systems.
  • Assess and measure
    Out-of-the-box reports and exhaustive instrumentation. Create rich custom reporting to track progress and measure outcomes.

You can find out more about the offering at

Step-by-step demo

You can utilize your Azure subscription to provision the Microsoft Community Training app. Follow the steps below to test this app in your environment.

  • Click on the Get it now link on the Microsoft Community Training app home page. This will either ask you to first update your profile details or go directly to the Azure subscription page to provision the app.
  • Provide your credentials and update your profile.
  • In the “Create this app in Azure” page, choose the app plan you wish to purchase and click Continue.
  • Authenticate with your Azure credentials into your Azure subscription.
  • In the “Create Microsoft Community Training (Preview) Basic tab, choose the basic options as shown below and click Next.
  • On the “Setup your portal” tab, set your website name, organization name and contact email address and click Next.
  • If you use mobile login type, you only need to provide the organization admin’s mobile phone and this is the simplest authentication method. Click Next to continue.
  • In the last “Review and create” tab and after all validations are successful, you will need to check the co-admin access permission checkbox and click “Create”.

Use the Microsoft Community Training app helpdesk if you have any other issues or questions: Home  · Microsoft Community Training – Helpdesk.

Microsoft Demo

An interactive demo of the offering is available at:


The pricing plans are described in the Azure Marketplace offering page: .