Notable cloud magazines and newsletters

Notable cloud magazines and newsletters

I have compiled a collection of notable cloud magazines and newsletters which I would like to share with everyone on this blog. My main topics of interest are the following:

  • Windows Server administration
  • Linux Server administration
  • Microsoft Azure administration
  • Microsoft 365 administration
  • Powershell

Reading a magazine or newsletter on the above topics can be a supplementary means of information to existing highly informative blogs, such as for instance the Microsoft Azure blog, which is available at:

So my list of favorite magazines and newsletters is the following, in a randomly picked order. This list may be updated from time to time with new additions of notable cloud magazines and newsletters.

On top of reading the above newsletters and magazines, I am keen on subscribing to the status pages of all favorite cloud services, such as the following.

A list of more public cloud service status pages can be found at

Furthermore, creating admin alert rules for each of the cloud services you manage as an admin is of utmost importance. Examples of such monitoring alert rule services are the following (click on the links below to read more detailed information in my relevant blog posts):

Last but not least, I am using an RSS reader client in which I can aggregate last updates and articles from all communities and technology product groups i high active interest in. My current RSS feed reader list is the following.

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