Citrix Connection Quality Indicator

In complex environments, where distributed applications are deployed across the network utilizing numerous physical servers and workstations, connectivity can be reduced in general and/or per session basis. Citrix Connection Quality Indicator is a tool which provides feedback to the user when the network has been reduced to the point that the […]

XenDesktop 7.13 is out

This release marks a major milestone with significant enhancements to HDX. With new Adaptive Transport Technology, users benefit from faster, more responsive sessions across all functions by up to 10x — even over challenging network conditions. Furthermore, overall bandwidth consumption is reduced by up to 60% using the default graphics […]

XenApp and XenDesktop Director 7.12 features

As 2016 draws towards a close and people start planning for the holiday season, Citrix announced availability of Director 7.12 – a feature-packed release that will make a XenApp/XenDesktop administrator’s job simpler and less time-consuming. The list of new features and enhancements with this release includes the ability to mine […]

Citrix XenApp server reboot framework

As the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop FMA architecture does not include sophisticated reboot functionality by design, the use of a reboot script comes in very handy. There are two versions of the Citrix reboot framework, which introduce a great level of granularity when it comes to scheduling the reboot of […]

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.12 is here!

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.12 ensures site accessibility with newly improved Local Host Cache technology, improved Azure integration, granular control for app and desktop publishing and intelligent server maintenance. Platinum Edition now contains enhanced monitoring with custom reporting and alert integration. It is the best platform to-date for app and desktop […]

XenApp/XenDesktop Long Term Service Release (LTSR)

As a benefit of Software Maintenance, Long Term Service Releases (LTSR) of XenApp and XenDesktop enable enterprises to retain a particular release for an extended period of time while receiving minor updates that provide fixes, typically void of new functionality. This provides customers with greater predictability and simplified on-going maintenance. […]