Netscaler Live events

NetScaler Live is Citrix’s partner deep dive event delivering world class training, updates on the latest trends and developments in the application delivery market provided by our Systems Engineers, Ecosystem partners and customers by way of live demonstrations and shared content. More details and registration form for the events can […]

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.9 to be released

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.9 Citrix is releasing XenApp and XenDesktop version 7.9 in early June 2016. The new releases ill have some noteworthy features as shown in the list below: Secure single-sign to virtual apps and desktops Central image management for ‘any hypervisor’ now includes Nutanix Acropolis Ultra-low-cost, high-performing Citrix HDX […]

Citrix HDX Ready Pi

Citrix Ready partners ViewSonic and Micro Center have made VDI accessible for nearly any budget with the ultra-low cost Citrix HDX Ready Pi based on the Raspberry Pi 3. The HDX Ready Pi is a fully assembled thin client that includes everything you need in a single, orderable package. HDX […]

The Citrix Flexcast Management Architecture: Book published

The Citrix Flexcast Management Architecture Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Bas van Kaam recently published a highly usefyl book entitled “Inside Citrix – The Flexcast Management Architecture” for any Citrix technical professional. Details about the book can be found at

eG Innovations for Citrix monitoring

eG Innovations for Citrix monitoring Poor performance and slowdowns of Citrix XenApp are business impacting. Used to monitor some of the largest Citrix deployments in the world, the eG Citrix XenApp Monitor simplifies the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of performance problems that impact the user experience. Beyond just a Citrix monitoring […]

XenApp/XenDesktop upgrade and migration paths

XenApp/XenDesktop upgrade and migration paths Citrix has released a very useful blog post regarding the available upgrade and migration paths from previous versions of XenApp and XenDesktop to the latest versions. A matrix shows the available XenApp/XenDesktop upgrade and migration paths and information is provided on the upgrade/migration process planning […]

Citrix Project Accelerator

 Citrix Project Accelerator Now that virtualization is a strategic imperative to compete in the market, and with cloud computing and mobile devices becoming more prominent in the enterprise, corporate IT departments are being pushed to incorporate new technologies at an ever faster pace. Citrix Consulting can assist in the definition […]

Citrix–Wyse collaboration

Citrix–Wyse collaboration More at Wyse can help you get more out of your Citrix installation with Wyse client devices and software that provide superior security, reliability and energy efficiency, compared to a PC. Wyse builds desktop devices and software that streamline the delivery of Citrix infrastructure to millions of […]