Azure Virtual Desktop AVD overview of architecture and use cases

azure virtual desktop

Introduction Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD, formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD) is Microsoft’s offering to enable virtualization of desktops and applications in the cloud. As more organizations migrate their resources and services to the cloud, the concept of a cloud-hosted desktop environment has become increasingly popular. AVD comes as a natural evolution step … Read more

Azure Virtual Desktop OS version support

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop support for Windows Azure Virtual Desktop follows the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy and supports the following x64 operating system images: Azure Virtual Desktop support for clients Azure Virtual Desktop officially supports the following clients: Microsoft 365 support for Windows The following supportability statements stand for Microsoft 365 support for Windows versions. Sources … Read more

New FsLogix Apps release 2.9.7576.47294


Microsoft has announced the availability of the new FsLogix Apps release 2.9.7576.47294. This is in public preview state and is open to testing via the FsLogix community. The new FsLogix release can be used in on-premises Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops installations, as well as in Azure Virtual Desktop. Release … Read more

FsLogix components and command line tools

FsLogix 2201 Public Preview release

This blog post provides a description of FsLogix components and command line tools. FsLogix components architecture There are five main components of the Agent. The command-line utility, service, two drivers, and the IE Browser Helper Object. All of these components are installed in the main application installation directory at C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps. ##frx.exe The command-line utility, … Read more

FsLogix registry configuration reference

FsLogix 2201 Public Preview release

FsLogix provides documentation on all configurable registry entries, applying to FsLogix profiles, Office 365 containers and Cloud Cache. This article provides links to FsLogix registry configuration reference. When configuring Profile Container registry settings are added here: Registry Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Profiles. Full FsLogix Profile Container registry reference can be found at: When configuring Office Container registry … Read more

FsLogix logging and tracing

FsLogix 2201 Public Preview release

This article provides an overview of FsLogix logging and tracing. In a separate article, the FsLogix registry configuration options are presented. FsLogix logging The various components of the FSLogix create comprehensive logs. Examination of log files is the first place to look when diagnosing system behavior. At the top of each log file, the system … Read more

FSLogix Apps release 2004 (2.9.7349.30108)

FsLogix 2201 Public Preview release

Overview New Public Preview: FSLogix Apps release 2004 (2.9.7349.30108) This is a GENERAL release (Public Preview) Applies to: All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client 32 and 64 bit) To request to participate in the supported public preview please sign up here: Microsoft Forms. Resources FSLogix documentation: FSLogix MSDN … Read more

Microsoft RDS licensing demystified

Microsoft RDS licensing

This article discusses Microsoft RDS licensing demystified. It attempts to explain all available Microsoft RDS licensing modes and when to use each mode, based on your scenario. Microsoft RDS licensing is required on any Windows Server where the RDS server role has been deployed for remote user access to the server. This can also be … Read more