Azure App Service zone and region disaster recovery

Azure App Service

Introduction When running a single instance of an Azure App Service, you . You need at least two instances of the Azure App service to be covered for Azure zone-level disasters, since each instance will be running in a different zone. You are however covered in cases of Azure region disaster by utilizing Web App … Read more

Citrix Business Continuity Resources

Citrix Business continuity resources to use today. Business continuity planning has become increasingly more critical and partners and customers are asking for guidance. These resources will help guide these important conversations: BCP Resource Page Business Continuity Planning Conversations ECC Course BCP KickStart Campaign, “Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity for your Organization” Citrix BCP Battle Card: … Read more

VMware VCenter HA

VMware VCenter HA

Since release 6.5 of VCenter, VMWare has released a new feature for providing high availability to the VCenter Appliance with embedded or external Platform Services Controller (PSC). The new VCenter appliance HA feature has the following requirements: VSphere Standard license Total of three (3) virtual machines, one of which acts as the active VCenter VM, … Read more