Cross training curriculum for developers and systems engineers

Cross training in IT

Introduction In modern IT workplaces, work roles and job descriptions have evolved to include responsibility areas which go beyond what traditional roles would have thought of. Whether you are a traditional software developer or systems engineer, expanding your knowledge sphere to areas of the "other side" is always useful and should be sought after to ... Read more

Protecting your online content

protect online content

If you are a Web content creator, you know that you will have to face various challenges with securing your content from theft and plagiarism. Whether you create e-books, e-courses, scientific research or artistic content, you need to be aware of a few basic techniques to protect your content's security and privacy and allow it ... Read more

Productivity and creativity tips for the modern workplace

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It is a fact that modern workplaces are increasingly coming up with unprecedented challenges for both employers as well as freelancers and employees. New working models are being established, remote working and hybrid working are gaining momentum at a fast pace and globalization of team working is also a common phenomenon. With the advent of ... Read more