The Microsoft virtual datacenter experience

The Microsoft virtual datacenter experience

According to Microsoft, “the cloud is a globally interconnected network of millions of computers in datacenters around the world that work together to store and manage data, run applications and deliver content and services.”

Microsoft have created a virtual demonstration and training experience which immerses the public audience into the look and feel of a real Azure datacenter. Azure datacenter spawn the globe in a hierarchy of geographies and regions. By visiting the Microsoft Virtual Datacenter Experience, you will experience visual and audible materials on the following datacenter areas:

  • Power resources
  • Server rooms
  • Network
  • Operations

Each datacenter is part of the global Azure infrastructure and more specifically it is part of an Azure geography, region and availability zone. Each zone can comprise one or more datacenters.

Microsoft is at the forefront of cloud innovation. The company continually seeks to improve the security, reliability and sustainability of datacenters to better serve customers and meet growing global demand for cloud computing and digital services.

Here is a visual glimpse of the Microsoft virtual datacenter experience: