VMware VCenter HA

Since release 6.5 of VCenter, VMWare has released a new feature for providing high availability to the VCenter Appliance with embedded or external Platform Services Controller (PSC). The new VCenter appliance HA feature has the following requirements:

  • VSphere Standard license
  • Total of three (3) virtual machines, one of which acts as the active VCenter VM, the second one is the passive VM and the third one is called the witness VM.
  • All three VMs need to have access to a dedicated HA virtual network and the active and passive VMs should have access to the management virtual network as well.
  • All three VMs will need access to a VMWare storage repository.

VMware announced the HA feature for vCenter with vSphere 6.5 version and the High Availability feature is available only with the VCSA appliance, not with the Windows-based vCenter Server. The vCenter Server Appliance has provided vCenter High Availability (HA) with vSphere 6.5 onwards. In the fully-functioning HTML5 release of vCenter 6.7 Update 1 onwards the setup of vCenter HA has been simplified.

The VCenter HA solution logical architecture is depicted at a high level below.

VMarena hosts step-by-step information on how to configure the VMWare VCEnter HA solution in the following articles: