Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center in Azure

You can extend on-premises deployments of Windows Server to the cloud by using Azure hybrid services. These cloud services provide an array of useful functions, both for extending on-premises into Azure, and for centrally managing from Azure.

Diagram showing arrow from on-premises to cloud for extending on-premises into Azure, and arrow from cloud to on-premises for managing centrally with Azure

Using Azure hybrid services within Windows Admin Center, you can:

While you can set up most Azure hybrid services by downloading an app and doing some manual configuration, many are integrated directly into Windows Admin Center to provide a simplified setup experience and a server-centric view of the services. Windows Admin Center also provides convenient intelligent hyperlinks to the Azure portal to see connected Azure resources as well as a centralized view of your hybrid environment.

You can now use Windows Admin Center (preview) in the Azure portal to manage the Windows Server operating system inside an Azure VM. Manage operating system functions from the Azure portal as well as work with files in the VM without using Remote Desktop or PowerShell.

Screenshot showing Windows Admin Center in the Azure portal, displaying the files and folders on the running operating system.


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