XenAPp 7.x reboot schedules

Citrix server reboot schedules will be required in most cases in a XenApp environment, in order to cleanup files residing in RAM and prevent issues arising from the session machines being up and running for a long period of time. Citrix UPM files and other files are writen periodically which can cause a clutter if they remain on the server for a long time. It is high recommended to evaluate your company’s session machine reboot schedule to address various issues. After you agree on a reboot schedule with your customers, you can go ahead and either utilize the XenApp inherent functionality or make use of scripts provided by Citrix, which enable enhanced server reboot schedule functionality.

Main references for designing and implementing your reboot schedule can be the following:

  1. http://www.basvankaam.com/2014/08/19/rebooting-your-xendesktop-7-x-application-servers-whats-up-with-the-build-in-restart-schedule/ (main article)
  2. Script 1
  3. Script 2

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