gradient descent

Gradient descent is a method of minimizing the machine learning model cost function in linear regression models. In the gradient descent method, the (internal) parameters of the ML model are tuned over several training iterations by taking gradual "steps" down a slope in the function graph, aiming towards a minimum error value. In gradient descent, ... Read more

ground truth

Ground truth is a term commonly used in statistics and machine learning. It signifies the correct or “true” answer to a specific problem or question. Each ML model makes predictions to values or boolean classifications about a problem. Each time the ML model's prediction or classification is compared to the ground truth, which is what ... Read more


Definition of gRPC RPC is an evolution to remote procedure call (RPC) application protocol for streaming messages between clients and servers. gRPC was originally developed by Google. It is an open source protocol and it is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) services.