Online course email anti-spam protection


The purpose of this article is to provide a free online course template which any technical instructor can utilize when preparing for an online course. In summary, the article comprises the following sections:

  • Pre-course questionnaire
  • Course pre-requisites
  • Course logistics. Before starting to talk about the course objectives and curriculum, you should inform the students about the usage of the LMS and course plan.
  • Course objectives
  • Course presentation slides
  • Course video recording
  • Course evaluation form
  • References for further study

Pre-course questionnaire

Please fill-in and submit the following pre-course questionnaire by 24th February 2022.

Pre-course questionnaire

Course pre-requisites

This is a beginner-level online course. The pre-requisites for attending the course are the following:

  1. Desktop computer with high bandwidth Internet connection
  2. You should be logging in via desktop PC and have microphone and camera activated as well as a broadband Internet connection. 
  3. You should have access to an email address which must be functional during the training (e.g. gmail). 
  4. If you have any questions during the training, raise your hand inside Microsoft Teams session or type your question in the chat window and we will address all questions at the end. 
  5. You should create a free Microsoft Teams account beforehand and login to the meeting at ~ 19:15 GMT+2 time on Feb 25th (Greece time) to ensure you can successfully login with your free Teams account. This way you will have all Teams functionality (you will have a full account vs a default guest account which you would get if you are not signed up). To create the free Microsoft Teams account follow steps below:
    1. Create a Microsoft account, if you don't already have one (e.g., Go to and click on "Get a new email address". 
    2. Using your Microsoft account (either existing or new one created above), follow step-by-step instructions at  to create a new Teams free organization (org). You will be using this new Microsoft Teams identity to login to our Teams meeting. 
  6. Please fill in and sign the required video recording consent form (available in Word document format). You can either print the document, sign it by hand and scan / send  it back to me via email or directly provide your signature inside the Word document  and send back in .docx format. This is a requirement by the exam committee to verify that you consent to being recorded. 

Be aware that the online course will be recorded and the video recording will be sent for evaluation to CompTIA.

Course logistics

Dear students, you should be advised of the following:

  • Please be aware that our course is being facilitated inside Microsoft Teams (use your own Unified Communications tool here, e.g. Zoom or Google Hangouts).
  • In case Internet connectivity drops for any of the students of instructor, please hold on until the connection/service is restored. If there are any technical issues with the online labs, there may be a dedicated technical support procedure for contacting the labware provider
  • You should expect to receive all the course presentation slides, study references and lab materials inside the course LMS (use your own LMS or online learning platform, e.g. Udemy)
  • Today's course is expected to last x number of hours and we shall have x number of breaks, x minutes duration for each.
  • You are not allowed to interrupt during the theoretical part of the course but rather type any questions you have in the chat window and we will have a Q&A session at the end. During the execution of lab courses, you are free to ask interactive questions.
  • A video recording of this course will be made available to you after the course.
  • You will also be asked to fill-in a mandatory course evaluation form.

Course objectives

This course has the following objectives:

  • Learn what email spam is and how it works
  • Learn how to defend against email spam
  • Run guided lab exercise based on the Firefox Relay service: Firefox Relay creates email aliases. Email aliases are masked email addresses that forward messages to your true email address. These aliases allow you to share an address with third parties which will mask your true email address and forward messages to it.

Course presentation slides

You can find the course presentation slides at:

Course video recording

The course video recording will soon be made available for private download by all participants.

Course evaluation form

At the end of the course, please spare five minutes to fill-in and submit the course evaluation online form. Your feedback for improving this course will be highly appreciated.

References for further study