An algorithm is a series of instructions, either in the form of pseudo-code or in a computer programming language, which aim at solving a problem or at performing some sort of computation. Algorithms are therefore strongly connected to various fields of mathematics and physics, such as probability and statics, calculus and linear algebra. Algorithms apply ... Read more


AUC stands for Area Under the Curve. This refers to the two-dimensional area which is defined by a mathematical plot curve, the x-axis and two boundary points.


KNN stands for K-nearest neighbors and is a non-parametric supervised learning algorithm used in classification problems. KNN uses space proximity to classify the value of a label.

linear regression

Linear regression is a statistical modeling technique. It utilizes a dependent variable, which can be discrete or continuous number and one independent variable. Linear regression models are simple to train by using machine learning. In many cases are the first type of machine learning models to try to train when using a new data set. ... Read more


Software constitutes the set of computer programming code alongside other utility and dependency files and tools which provide a unified application experience to end users and application programming interface (API) consumers. Software can be created in any computer programming language, markup language or scripting language by using one or more algorithms, and can generally be ... Read more