The new Citrix Ready Marketplace

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The new Citrix Ready Marketplace Citrix announced today that they have released the newly revamped Citrix Ready Marketplace portal available at: Today, there are more than 700 partners in the Citrix Ready Program and more than 6,100 products listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace. […]

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployment and Adoption Resource Center

Citrix announced VAD security vulnerabilities

Case Citrix announced on November 10th 2020 the following vulnerabilities. CVE ID Description Vulnerability Type Pre-conditions  CVE-2020-8269 An unprivileged Windows user on the VDA can perform arbitrary command execution as SYSTEM CWE-269: Improper Privilege Management The attacker must be an authenticated user on the Windows VDA with write access to the C:\ directory CVE-2020-8270 An unprivileged Windows user on the VDA or a SMB user can perform arbitrary command execution as SYSTEM […]

citrix workspace app

Citrix Workspace app 2008 for Windows

Citrix has released the 2008 version of the Citrix Workspace App for Windows: The release notes of the latest version are available at:

windows user profiles and folder redirection

Windows User Profiles and Folder Redirection options

Introduction There are various technologies available in Windows client and server operating systems for managing user profiles and folder redirection in an Active Directory environment. User profiles and folder redirection are methodologies used for accomplishing User State virtualization, also most recently called User Experience virtualization ( User profiles fall inside […]


Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops issue after Microsoft Defender (1.321.1319.0) update

Citrix has released the following notification: Citrix is aware of a potential issue impacting the Broker services on the Delivery Controller with the latest Microsoft Defender version (1.321.1319.0) update. Citrix are currently investigating the root cause of this behavior. The behavior is currently impacting traditional deployments of Citrix Virtual Apps and […]

Citrix Security Bulletin Alert

Citrix Security Bulletin Alert 11 June 2020

Citrix released today (11th June 2020) a security bulletin alert regarding a discovered software vulnerability in the Citrix Workspace App client: A new version of Citrix Workspace app client for Windows has been released. Citrix strongly recommends that all customers upgrade Citrix Workspace app to the latest version via Auto Update, or by directly running […]

citrix local host cache

Citrix VAD local host cache vs connection leasing

Introduction Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Local Host Cache (LHC) is a high availability mechanism which, when enabled, allows end user connections to be established even when the Citrix VAD database instance is not online/available. Citrix LHC mechanism is replacing the older DB Connection Leasing mechanism. Connection Leasing will eventually […]

Citrix Business Continuity Resources

Citrix Business continuity resources to use today. Business continuity planning has become increasingly more critical and partners and customers are asking for guidance. These resources will help guide these important conversations: BCP Resource Page Business Continuity Planning Conversations ECC Course BCP KickStart Campaign, “Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity for your […]