Citrix health checklist

A Citrix health checklist can assist when reviewing an environment for configurations that might cause future problems, not necessarily existing problems. Health Checks tend to focus on non-functional qualities like the following:

  • Availability
  • Security
  • Manageability
  • User Experience
  • Performance
  • Reliability

Carl Stalhood has put together a very useful health checklist article for Citrix environments. The health check list covers the following Citrix components and configurations:

  • StoreFront Load Balancing
  • StoreFront Servers core configuration
  • StoreFront Advanced Configuration
  • Delivery Controllers
  • Citrix Studio
  • Citrix License Server
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Licensing
  • Citrix Director
  • Citrix VDAs core configuration
  • VDAs – Hypervisor Hardware Clusters
  • VDAs – Virtual Machine Hardware (vSphere)
  • VDAs – Master Image Build
  • Citrix App Layering
  • Citrix Provisioning
  • Provisioning Servers:
  • Provisioning Farm Properties:
  • Provisioning Services vDisks
  • Provisioning Services Target Devices
  • Group Policies and Active Directory
  • Citrix Policies
  • Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM)
  • Citrix Profile Management and Folder Redirection (Home directories)
  • Endpoint Devices
  • Citrix ADC core configuration
  • Citrix ADC High Availability Pair
  • Citrix ADC Load Balancing and SSL
  • Citrix ADC SDX
  • Citrix Gateway ICA Proxy
  • Citrix ADC GSLB
  • Citrix ADM

Similarly when talking about Citrix Workspace, the Citrix components which are involved and will need to be proactively health checked are the following:

  • Unified Citrix Workspace App experience
  • Workspace Intelligence
  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • Citrix Access Control
  • Content Collaboration
  • Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Citrix Analytics

The Citrix health checklist can be very useful when auditing Citrix environments to determine pain points, health issues as well as to prevent functional and non-functional issues from appearing.

The detailed Citrix health checklist can be found at: