Advanced Windows Server Course Outline

Advanced Windows Server Course Outline

Course Objective This article provides an overview of the Advanced Windows Server Course Outline. To provide a comprehensive understanding of Windows Server 2022, focusing on its operating system architecture, administrative features, and hybrid administration capabilities that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure. The course aims to not only cover Windows Server 2022 in-depth but also to … Read more

Linux Ubuntu Course Outline

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

This article provides a course outline for my upcoming free course on Linux Ubuntu operating system. This course aims to equip IT professionals, system administrators, and developers with an in-depth understanding of Linux Ubuntu’s operating system mechanics, administration, troubleshooting, and emerging technologies like containerization. Please find the Linux Ubuntu course outline as follows. Course outline … Read more

Python programming for beginners course outline

Python programming for beginners course outline This article provides a Python programming for beginners course outline. Python is a super flexible and dynamically evolving imperative language which provides libraries and solutions for all modern software development scenarios, including cloud computing services, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This comprehensive course covers the basics of Python programming, … Read more

Cloud skills training programs

cloud education

Introduction One of the most common facts in IT organizations worldwide is the lack of cloud skills of both IT administrators and end users. An increasing number of enterprises are starting to realize the importance of investing in Cloud Computing skills training for their employees. Besides the available third party training solutions and educational organizations, … Read more

The Stefanos Cloud Podcast

The Stefanos Cloud Podcast

I am happy to announce that the Stefanos Cloud Podcast has been released and will be updated with new content on a weekly basis. The Stefanos Cloud podcast utilizes AI-driven Natural Language Processing (NLP) and ports the existing Hybrid Clouds Blog posts into audible posts. The following topics are covered: The Stefanos Cloud Podcast is … Read more

Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Microsoft offers free, in-depth, virtual trainings which have been specifically developed to support preparation for Microsoft certification exam. During these free training sessions called Microsoft virtual training days, attendees can: Trainings are delivered in English with subtitles provided in English, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, and (in some) Romanian. The following courses are offered during Microsoft … Read more

Microsoft Azure free training resources

Microsoft Azure free training resources This article provides a compilation of Microsoft Azure free training resources: You can also find free Azure and Microsoft 365 how-to videos and free certification preparation videos in the Cloud Computing School YouTube channel at:

CompTIA CTT+ certification overview


Introduction The CompTIA CTT+ certification is a pre-requisite for the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) status and comprises two exams, i.e. a theoretical computer-based examination with multiple choice questions and a second practical exam which involves the recording of a course either in a physical or virtual classroom. The CompTIA CTT+ certification is considered good for … Read more

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Workshop

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Workshop Microsoft has organized and is offering an Azure migration workshop to numerous target audiences across multiple regions. It is one of the many Microsoft Cloud Workshops available on Azure technologies. It is called Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Workshop. In this Microsoft workshop, you will learn how to design … Read more

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer

Overview Becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) is a demanding but also rewarding process. Since I am embarking on this learning and training journey, I would like to share some basic knowledge about how to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Pre-requisites Must attain the CompTIA CTT+ certification and have one eligible Microsoft certificate, for example … Read more