Datacenter technologies and systems

Datacenter Infrastructure

Introduction to Datacenter Technology This article provides a technical overview of datacenter technologies and systems. Datacenters form the backbone of the digital world, acting as the central hubs where computing resources are concentrated for remote access. These sprawling complexes of servers, networking equipment, and other hardware allow for the seamless delivery and storage of data, ... Read more

Windows licensing options

microsoft windows licensing

This article discusses all available Windows licensing options. It includes description of the features of open licensing, SPLA, CSP, VDA and RDS licensing. Open licensing The Open licensing scheme provides an one-off purchase of Windows Server licenses and the customer must buy the Software Assurance (SA) maintenance contract separately on additional cost. The SA is ... Read more

Status pages for cloud service providers

status page for cloud service providers

This post discusses status pages for cloud service providers. The post is also available in my podcast. Introduction to status pages It is a best practice for every cloud service provider (and more generally any company offering cloud services to end-users, such as an independent cloud software vendor) to operate a Web application called status ... Read more