Azure App Service design considerations part 3

Azure App Service

Introduction This post is part of a series of Cloud Computing Help blog posts covering Azure App Service design considerations. Part 1: In this first part of Azure App Service design considerations ( we covered initial design considerations for Azure App Service PaaS. Part 2: Check the second blog post (Azure App Service Design Considerations … Read more

Load balancing solutions and design considerations

Introduction to load balancing Load balancing plays a vital role in distributing network traffic efficiently across multiple servers or resources. This article provides a comprehensive overview of load balancers, including their theory, design considerations, persistence types, and load balancing methods. Furthermore, it presents a detailed list of commercial and open source load balancer solutions. Load … Read more

Azure App Service design considerations part 2

Azure App Service

Introduction In a previous blog post (azure app service design considerations part 1), a high-level inventory of Azure App Service design considerations was provided. In this post entitled Azure App Service design considerations part 2, we provide further design considerations which supplement the first blog post. Also refer to the following freely downloadable .pdf document … Read more

Azure Front Door design considerations

Azure Front Door

Introduction As discussed in a previous blog post regarding Azure load balancing service options, Azure Front Door (AFD) is one of the many available load balancing options in Azure, the alternative options being the following: Azure Front Door allows for a truly global service which includes Web Application Firewall (WAF), Content Delivery Network (CDN) and … Read more

SharePoint Online migration design considerations


This article discusses SharePoint Online migration design considerations. The following articles in this blog are also related: Introduction A considerable number of Microsoft 365 migration projects have a SharePoint Online (SPO) portion. Whether that be a straight forward file data migration task or a more complex custom on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online migration, there are … Read more

Windows file server design considerations

File server Windows

Introduction When designing a new file server in a Windows Server environment, you need to take into account a series of design factors in order to properly finalize your implementation. This article provides Windows file server design considerations. Design factors There are a lot of Windows file server design considerations. The following general design factors … Read more