FTP server design considerations

FTP server design considerations

In this article, I am laying out the most noteworthy FTP server design considerations. Regardless of whether you are installing in an on-premise or in a cloud-based virtual machine or physical server or utilizing a cloud Paas-based service, there are certain factors which need to be taken into account. FTP server design considerations Ask yourself … Read more

Advanced Windows Server Course Outline

Advanced Windows Server Course Outline

Course Objective This article provides an overview of the Advanced Windows Server Course Outline. To provide a comprehensive understanding of Windows Server 2022, focusing on its operating system architecture, administrative features, and hybrid administration capabilities that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure. The course aims to not only cover Windows Server 2022 in-depth but also to … Read more

Windows licensing options

microsoft windows licensing

This article discusses all available Windows licensing options. It includes description of the features of open licensing, SPLA, CSP, VDA and RDS licensing. Open licensing The Open licensing scheme provides an one-off purchase of Windows Server licenses and the customer must buy the Software Assurance (SA) maintenance contract separately on additional cost. The SA is … Read more

Windows file server design considerations

File server Windows

Introduction When designing a new file server in a Windows Server environment, you need to take into account a series of design factors in order to properly finalize your implementation. This article provides Windows file server design considerations. Design factors There are a lot of Windows file server design considerations. The following general design factors … Read more

Windows User Profiles and Folder Redirection options

windows user profiles and folder redirection

This post is also available in my podcast. This blog post discusses Windows User Profiles and Folder Redirection options. It is recommended to also review my separate article on Windows File server design considerations. Introduction There are various technologies available in Windows client and server operating systems for managing user profiles and folder redirection in … Read more

Windows Controlled Folder Access policy

Controlled Folder Access

Windows Controlled Folder Access policy overview The Windows Controlled Folder Access policy can be set in an RDS-based or other enterprise environment via GPO. The policy requires at least Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10 1709 version. The policy enables various filesystem level security countermeasure against common malware attacks. The policy can be found in … Read more

Citrix health checklist

A Citrix health checklist can assist when reviewing an environment for configurations that might cause future problems, not necessarily existing problems. Health Checks tend to focus on non-functional qualities like the following: Carl Stalhood has put together a very useful health checklist article for Citrix environments. The health check list covers the following Citrix components … Read more