artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) means developing intelligence in computing systems and robots. Artificial intelligence emulates human brain intelligence and is capable of executing tasks which require cognitive ability. The most common cognitive services which can be implemented in AI are the following: Language, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Computer vision, including ... Read more


KNN stands for K-nearest neighbors and is a non-parametric supervised learning algorithm used in classification problems. KNN uses space proximity to classify the value of a label.

stratified cross validation

Stratified cross validation is a data validation technique used when splitting the ML dataset into k subsets, of which k-1 subsets are used as training subsets (folds) and one (1) is used as the test subset (fold). This process is repeated k times. Stratified cross validation uses stratified sampling in the dataset, in order to ... Read more