ETL stands for extract, transform, and load. It refers to a data science and machine learning procedure, in which ML model data is being collected (extracted) from data sources, then data is transformed and finally loaded into an ML model.


In machine learning, holdout validation is a data sampling method in which the dataset is split into two: the training dataset and the test. The split is equal, i.e. training is performed on the 50% of the dataset and testing is performed on the remaining 50% of the dataset. Holdout validation is not recommended in ... Read more


NoSQL databases are also known as as non-SQL databases. They are different than relational (SQL) databases and do not feature the SQL model with rows and tables. The following types of NoSQL databases are available. Examples of NoSQL databases are the following:  


In machine learning (ML), variance is a concept which is related to errors in the model's predictions, as a results of over-sensitivity and high correlation of the machine learning algorithm to the training data. Due to this over-sensitivity, the ML model becomes complex to explain (explainability) and it captures the complexity inside the training data ... Read more