artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) means developing intelligence in computing systems and robots. Artificial intelligence emulates human brain intelligence and is capable of executing tasks which require cognitive ability. The most common cognitive services which can be implemented in AI are the following: Language, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Computer vision, including ... Read more


Keras is one of the most recognized deep learning APIs. Keras has been developed in the Python programming language and can be executed on top of JAX, TensorFlow, or PyTorch. More details about Keras can be found in its official website at:

Lambda function

Lambda functions are also known as anonymous functions. Lambda functions are to higher order functions to literals are to computer programming data types. Examples of lambda functions in Python can be found at:


Matplotlib is a Python programming language library which is used in applications which need to create and process visualizations. Visualizations can be static, animated or interactive. The major visualization types which can be managed by Matplotlib are: Pairwise data Statistical distributions Gridded data 3D and volumetric data The official Matplotlib documentation can be found at: ... Read more


NLTK is a natural language processing platform which can be utilized in Python applications to allow them to process human language data. Details about the NLTK platform can be found in its official website at: An alternative toolkit for text tokenization (into sentences and words), for identifying parts of speech and stop words and ... Read more


NumPy is a Python package for scientific computing operations. The NumPy Python library includes a multidimensional array object, a series of derived objects as well as functions which apply processing actions on these objects. More details about NumPy features and documentation can be found at:


Pandas is an open source library in Python. Pandas provides functions and tools to allow management of data structures and data analysis. Therefore Pandas library is particularly useful in data science, data engineering and machine learning. The official documentation of the pandas functions is available at: Pydata community is a member of the NumFocus ... Read more


Python is an imperative computer programming language. Python is very versatile and flexible and can accommodate a series of problem solving algorithms in various  knowledge domains. One scientific area in which Python excels is Machine Learning and, consequently, Artificial Intelligence. Python code, including libraries of classes and functions, are organized into packages and modules. A ... Read more