data lineage

Data lineage is part of responsible AI and it refers to all procedures related to tracking the origin, transformation, and usage of data throughout its lifecycle in machine learning. This ensures a Privacy by Design ML model.

harms modeling

Harms modeling is part of responsible AI and it is a method which can identify and mitigate risks or harms which may be caused by deploying AI solutions in production.

incident database

In machine learning systems an incident database which collects and stores information about incidents where AI systems have caused or contributed to negative outcomes or harms, such as accidents, errors, biases, discriminations, or violations.

Responsible AI

While AI technologies advance, there are various ethical, legal, security and privacy considerations which must be taken into account. These considerations are commonly referred to as "Responsible AI". Each AI software and hardware vendor classifies responsible AI and AI ethics areas differently. Some example areas which constitute Responsible AI are the following: Explainability and interpretability ... Read more