Azure service limits and known issues

Every Azure service has a set of physical limitations by design. When planning and designing Microsoft Azure-based solutions, these Azure service physical limits should always be taken into account. This article items to consider around Azure service limits and known issues.

More specifically, Azure has a number of subscription and service limits as well as default quotas and constraints. The following Microsoft article describes all these limitations organized by service:

Each Azure service has its own limits and known issues, as described below.

When designing any Azure infrastructure, you must take into account the following notes:

"[Azure service] resource limits"
#[Azure services] is the service you are planning and designing, e.g. Azure Virtual Machines
  • Another very important Web search is the following. This should always be run as part of an Azure architecture design and should be part of your Azure design considerations, for example when designing an Azure App Service infrastructure. By running the following Web search, you can be rest assured that you have taken into account all possible known issues and limitations of any Azure service used in your architecture.
#[service name is the Azure service whose potential limitations and known issues you wish to research]
"limitations and known issues" OR "known issues and limitations"[service name]

As a conclusion, taking into account the above Azure service and component limits as well as potential known issues and limitations at an early stage is critical when planning or designing Azure solutions.

For Microsoft 365 service resource limits, refer to the following article: