Solution assessment as a Microsoft service


There is an increasing number of customers around the globe in need of migrating to the Cloud. Implenting a migration project can be challenging and planning/designing the proper migration approach is of paramount importance. Microsoft can offer free solution assessment consulting services to its partner organizations implementing a migration project. This article provides an overview of solution assessment as a Microsoft service.

Solution assessment as a Microsoft service

If you are a Microsoft partner in the CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe) you can submit the Solution Assessment as a Microsoft Service | CEE Partner Nomination Form to nominate your migration customer and request a free consultation service from Microsoft in your migration project.

Microsoft is utilizing the CSAT software to collect security and infrastructure data and then compile insightful reports using Power BI. With the CSAT, the time you spend on Cybersecurity analysis for your customer is shortened and it increases the value you deliver. It’s a very good solution to collect relevant security data to quickly create a high-value Cybersecurity Assessment report. CSAT is also available in the Azure marketplace. The CSAT report generates reports presenting the maturity levels of the customer infrastructure in numerous areas, including the Zero Trust architecture (ZT).

You can vie a video summary of the CSAT assessment service.

Another assessment tool Microsoft is using is Block64. This tool covers various infrastructure aspects and provides an as-is analysis report of the IT organization. Block64 uses agentless technology to help organizations of all sizes maximize the value of their IT investments.

Other noteworthy tools for security assessments are the following:

All data gathered via the assessment tools are analyzed and visualized via Microsoft PowerBI.