Lambda function

Lambda functions are also known as anonymous functions. Lambda functions are to higher order functions to literals are to computer programming data types. Examples of lambda functions in Python can be found at:

linear regression

Linear regression is a statistical modeling technique. It utilizes a dependent variable, which can be discrete or continuous number and one independent variable. Linear regression models are simple to train by using machine learning. In many cases are the first type of machine learning models to try to train when using a new data set. ... Read more


Linux Linux is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel is an operating system kernel which was developed by Linus Torvalds, starting in 1991. Popular Linux distributions include Debian, Arch Linux, Kali Linux, Fedora Linux, Alma, Rocky, Cloud Linux and Ubuntu, the latter of which itself consists ... Read more


Logit-transformation (aka as the odds ratio) is a logarithmic transformation which is used to transform proportional values into continues values in ML regression problems. The logit-transformation is defined by the following mathematical formula: logit(p)=log(p/(1-p)).


In machine learning, LOOCV stands for leave-one-out cross validation. Assuming that the dataset of an ML project comprises n examples (rows), we split the dataset into n subsets and perform n iterations of training/testing. In each iteration, n-1 examples are used as training data and only 1 example is used the testing subset. This process ... Read more


LSTM stands for Long Short-Term Memory. LSTM is a type of RNN artificial neural network, which uses a complex formula to implement an architecture of memory cells, which makes decisions about what pieces of historical information (states) to preserve and which to drop.