AI hardware

Artificial Intelligence (AI) relates to computer hardware in multiple ways, as follows: AI platforms are being used to optimize the design and manufacturing of new compute hardware systems. Special computer hardware processor units, referred to as AI accelerators or Neural Processing Units (NPU) are being developed to enhance the performance of AI applications and machine ... Read more


A central processing unit (CPU) is a complex electronic circuit which performs all numerical, logic, IO and control computations inside a computer. There are generally two types of CPUs, ie reduced instruction set computers (RISC) and Complex Instruction Set Computers (CISC). There are also other similar circuits to a CPU, with a more specialized scope ... Read more


Firmware Firmware is low level system software, which provides access and control to a computing device hardware and hardware abstraction layers to the computing device operating system. Depending on the complexity of a computing device, there may be devices with lower complexity, such as IoT devices and sensors, which do not need a full operating ... Read more


Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have been traditionally used in computing systems for image processing (graphics cards). Their usage has largely been expanded to AI and ML tasks and are largely used for optimizing performance of neural networks.


Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) are electronic circuits which are optimized for AI operations and ML tasks. TPUs utilize the TensorFlow protocol logic to align with AI/ML task performance requirements.