Dell server and storage capacity planning resources

This article provides Dell server and storage capacity planning resources. When designing server and storage solutions from Dell, the following Web resources are highly useful:

  • Dell Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Tool: The Dell Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Tool (EIPT) helps IT professionals plan and tune their computer and infrastructure equipment for maximum efficiency. Offering a wide range of configuration flexibility and environmental inputs, this can help right size your IT environment. EIPT is a model driven tool supporting a large number of products and configurations for infrastructure sizing purposes. EIPT models are based on hardware measurements with operating conditions representative of typical use cases. Workloads can impact the power consumption greatly, meaning the same percent CPU utilization and different workloads can lead to widely different power consumption. It is not possible to cover all the workload, environmental, and customer data center factors in a model & provide percent accuracy figures with any degree of confidence. With that said, Dell would anticipate (NOT guarantee or claim) a potential for some variation. Customers are always advised to confirm EIPT estimates with actual measurements under their own, actual workloads.
  • Dell storage product matrix:
  • Dell Poweredge server product matrix:
  • Dell Poweredge rack server product matrix: