Powershell Crescendo general availability release

Powershell Crescendo general availability release On March 10th Microsoft announced the General Availability (GA) release of PowerShell Crescendo, a platform-independent framework to rapidly develop PowerShell cmdlets for common command line tools. The release is available for download in PowerShell Gallery. PowerShell Crescendo overview The Crescendo framework allows developers to build […]

microsoft teams powershell module

The new Microsoft Teams Powershell module

Overview On October 15th Microsoft released the MC224358 awareness article which outlines the transition to a new single Teams Powershell module which now includes all cmdlets from Skype for Business Online PowerShell Connector. Teams and Skype for Business Online administrators only need to install the Teams PowerShell module without requiring […]

Microsoft Powershell Module Browser

The Microsoft Powershell module browser

Microsoft offers a very useful Powershell module search Web app which can search dynamically all available Powershell modules and cmdlets based on keyword search. The Microsoft Powershell module browser can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/ For instance, to receive documentation and guidance on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services cmdlets and modules, search […]

Powershell packages, repositories and GUI apps

A common question which comes up around Microsoft Powershell is how to make use of the Powershell artifacts, including the following: functions snap-ins modules DSC Resources role capabilities scripts packages Powershell packages In order to manage Powershell packages, the following Microsoft Powershell resource can be used as reference:¬†https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/packagemanagement/?view=powershell-6. The two […]