How to manage a Microsoft 365 tenant as CSP

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Case #

You are an IT administrator of a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and you need to be able to manage all CSP tenants’ Microsoft 365 subscriptions, either from a single pane of glass or individually. This article will provide high-level guidance about how to manage a Microsoft 365 tenant as CSP.

Solution #

You have the following options.

  • Ask your M365 customer to create a new admin user for you with all the required Azure AD and Microsoft 365 security roles required. In this case there is not any other trust relationship between the CSP and the end-customer. This is a quick solution but not the best practice in terms of security and governance. See below options for more details.
  • Establish a CSP Reseller with the end customer. This is accomplished by generating and sharing a a trust relationship activation link (URL) which is shared with the customer for them to approve. This allows you to access your customer’s M365 tenant as a global admin user from a single management console which aggregates all your CSP M365 customers. For a step-by-step procedure, refer to the following articles: and
  • Via the GDAP (Granular Delegated Admin Privileges) tool. This is a new tool which is available in the Microsoft Partner Center. This allows you (the CSP) to create a custom URL which activates custom permissions for a specific time window. This is the recommended solution in cases where the end customer does not want to accept a permanent CSP reseller relationship. More details on the Microsoft GDAP tool can be found at You should also review the following article: This article provides guidance to CSP partners on which least-privileged Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) built-in role can be used for each granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP) capability.

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