How to resolve Citrix ADC HA pair issue with remote node change from UP to DOWN state

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Case #

In Citrix ADC HA pair (2 nodes), the primary node shows the following error in the system log. This behavior is observed with Citrix ADC VPX running on Hyper-V.

[DATE TIME] Remote node [IP ADDRESS]: UP -> DOWN

You may also see the following error in the system log:

No HA heartbeats (Last received: [DATE TIME]; Missed 15 heartbeats) 

Solution #

You will need to re-configure the Hyper-V load balancing mode from Dynamic or Address Hash to HyperV Port mode. In Hyper-V environments with Citrix ADC VPX virtual machines in HA mode, Citrix recommends the HyperV port L/B mode, as discussed in detail in the following article:

Carry out the following steps in your Hyper-V cluster:

  1. Drain Hyper-V Host (maintenance mode)
  2. Stop the Cluster Service with Powershell:   Stop-Service Clussvc
  3. Configure Load Balancing in with Powershell: Set-NetLbfoTeam –Name "[TEAM NAME]" –LoadBalancingAlgorithm HyperVPort
  4. Start the Cluster Service with Powershell: Start-Service Clussvc

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