How to move Acronis Backup 12.5 to a new management server

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Case #

You need to rebuild your Acronis management server (create new management server) and move all configuration to the new management server.

Solution #

As per , there is no built-in migration feature in the Acronis Backup product. This feature is being developed and will be introduced in later releases of the software. For the time being, the move path involves the following tasks:

  1. Take export of all existing backup plans from the old management server. Navigate to each backup plan in the Acronis web console, click on the plan name and click "Export" on the pane shown on the right. This will export each plan into a .json file which you can use later on for import into the new management server.
  1. Remove all assigned license keys in the old management server. Then add all required licenses keys (perpetual licenses) and synchronize with your Acronis Cloud account in order to sync any subscription-based licenses as well. This can be accomplished in the new management server by navigating to Settings --> Licenses inside the Web console. After adding the required licenses keys, you will need to assign each key to a virtualization host.
  2. Add all virtualization hosts, SQL instances and standalone/physical servers into the new management server (as Acronis devices). Navigate to Devices and click Add for each hypervisor host, SQL instance and physical server for which you need to enable the Acronis backup agent under the new management server.
  3. Import all exported backup plans by utilizing the .json files.
  4. Verify that the backup plans are working without issues.
  5. Perform a test restoration to ensure the VM, SQL, file data and standalone server restoration process works without issues.

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