How to convert RDS per-user to RDS per-device CALs

Table of Contents

Case #

You need to convert existing Microsoft RDS per-user CALs to RDS per-device CALs or vice-versa.

Refer to the following article if you need to troubleshoot RDS licensing issues:

Solution #

You can convert RDS per-user to RDS per-device CALs or convert RDS per-device to RDS per-user CALs by utilizing the RDS licensing manager console (MMC console). Follow the steps below.

  • In the RDS licensing manager console, expand the record which corresponds to the existing RDS licenses you wish to convert and right click on this record.
  • Choose “Convert licenses”.
  • Choose between full and partial conversion and click “OK”.
  • Confirm the requested conversion by clicking “Continue”.
  • RD Licensing manager will provide a confirmation message for successful RDS CAL type successful conversion.

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