How to register a Web3 domain name

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This KB article provides guidance on how to register a Web3 domain name.

Solution #

You can use Web3 domain name registars to register your own Web3 domain name and build a distributed app or website on it. Some of the most popular domain name registars in Web3 are the following:

In this article, we will utilize Unstoppable domains for registering a new Web3 domain, by carrying out the following steps.

Navigate to and type in the desired domain name in the “Search for your new domain” field and click “Search”. Let’s go for a search for domain “Stefanos.eth”.

After clicking “Search”, we are presented with a full list of available Web3 domains (TLD).

How to register a Web3 domain name

If we scroll down this list, we can see that “Stefanos.eth” is already registered to an existing Web3 profile.

We choose a domain of our choice and click “Add to Cart”, then click on “Continue to Cart”.

After making the purchase, you should be able to configure your newnly bought domain and link it to existing Web2 sites and social media profiles.

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